About Us and FAQ


Who Are We?

We are a team dedicated to improving the reference letter process. We took a traditional and timeless process and gave it an update for the modern era!


What is a Reference Letter?

Reference letters are letters that are sent from a referee, to a prospective recipient on your behalf. A referee who writes a letter on your behalf is someone who knows you well enough that they can judge your merits and capabilities to give the letter recipient an honest and well balanced view of your strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Reference letters are used in all kinds of institutions around the world! They are one of the oldest and timeless traditions of humanity spanning back to the dawn of civilization!


The Reffy Story

Our story has humble beginnings born from frustration with an archaic system. While applying to Ph.D. programs one Co-Founder had to get three letters of recommendation for each program they applied to. Applying to one program might not be so painful, but try applying to 10 different programs! When someone gives you a vote of confidence with their reference letter, that vote should count equally everywhere you go. Whether you are applying to your first job, or the Ivy League halls of Stanford, Reffy is more than just making it easier and more convenient for everyone involved in sending and receiving reference letters. Reffy is also about giving your references the impact they deserve by helping preserve that vote of confidence your peers have in you.


A Simple Idea

The Idea for Reffy is simple - A referee writes a reference letter for you and gives it to you. You can’t see the letter, but you can send as many copies as you want onward to wherever they need to go.

Reffy brings this idea to life. We provide users with an easy and streamlined platform to receive and send reference letters. All while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the reference letter.


How It Works

When you sign up for a Reffy account, you get access to the Reffy Letter Dashboard, from here you can choose to Upload a reference letter to deposit in another user’s account.


Request someone to upload and deposit a reference letter into your account.

Once you have received reference letters in your account they will show up under the received letters section on the left hand side menu in the dashboard.

Received letters can then be sent onward to the final recipient who can then read the reference letter.

An added bonus to notify our users of letter activity allows users to verify that a letter has been sent, and that a letter has been received. To help ensure accurate accounting of sending and receiving letters within the Reffy system.


How Much Does it Cost?

Reffy has a forever-free basic account.

When users sign up, they can -

  • Upload ANY number of letters to deposit in other users accounts.
  • Receive and store up to 3 reference letters.
  • Send up to 9 reference letters per month.